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New Addition

Size: 576 * 576 mm 

Scan:1/16 constant  current 

Brightnes: 800 nit Module with Mask

Refresh rate: 4200 

Receiving card: MRV 300 Hub 30 

Power supply: 5V

*1 year warranty
 *High configuration and high quality production
 *Flight case packing
 *Data cables free

JL P3: Product



1. Ultrathin and lightweight: aluminum cabinet, easy to install and transport
2. OEM cabinet size: cabinet size is adjustable and compatible with different pixels.
3. New design: combine the advantages of Die-casting Aluminum and Duralumin, using die-casting Aluminum process on the four corners of cabinet to improve precision and guarantee seamless assembling. In the meantime, cost is low.
4. Fast Installation and disassembling: connection lock between cabinets are patented, closely combined, safe, reliable and adjustable5. Unique blanking circuit: high definition display by eliminating the row/line after-image without damaging the LED lamps.
6. Energy saving: low electric current, high-bright lamps, equipped with PFC switching power supply, save 30% electricity.
7. High refresh rate, high gray level: It can reach 16bit by using PWM driving IC, refresh rate is more than 4000HZ, the gray level is still high even under the condition of low brightness
8. Color correction: support dot-to-dot correction, guarantee the consistency of LED color and brightness, No chromatic aberration for new screens.
9. Dual back-up: both power supply and system dual back-up are optional, reliable performance.

JL P3: Inner_about
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